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... Well. A gray face /did/ ask... Upon finding Mips, he seemed a little confused as to where to kiss. Flushing a bit in confusion, he kissed the center of the top of her head, being mindful of her protruding eyes. "A-ah-- here you go, S'a gray face, um.."

Mips: *is confused by these human shenanigans???* Is…is there somethin’ you need?? *was that…some kind of human greeting??? Very confusing!* 

(So, you guys knew about the joint blog Waka and I sometimes update, right? Starring a fluffy celebi who is uncomfortable with time travel, a hoopa who is torn between being serious and silly, and a victini who is afraid of fire.)

Ore: It’s really hard to figure out why you have to do something. I never expected it to be this hard.

((I thought the hybrid kids were just what-ifs, I didn't know some of them were actually theoretically possible even if their parents would never have gotten together. Maybe that's why everyone is bugging Origen about it. Besides, it's sort of interesting to think about))

(It is interesting, isn’t it? ovo 

Yeah, some of those childmeme things are. Actually possible! It just depends if there are couples of that set up around. So, there is a chance there could be some hybrid kids waaay off in the distant future! Pretty cool, eh? )

Chatzy PSA

(Hello my friends! I would like to take a moment out of your days to discuss a few things I have noticed and wanted to bring up about these chatzys that go on.

  • These are a public environment so, it would be really cool if private RPs were held outside of them? It’s just kinda awkward when there are personal RPs in the same place as the group one? It’s okay if they start to become more exclusive, but, there are things like skype if you only want to RP with one other person, and that should keep things more organized for you in general!
  • If you do not think you and your character have anything more to add to the current RP, please either switch characters or step out of the chat, especially if there is a full room? 
  • Don’t ignore other characters trying to interact with you if you can help it. Take what they say into consideration, even if it changes where you were going with things. If your character is still like, nah man, screw them. You can. Make a note of them ignoring things? But straight up ignoring things? Isn’t so good.
  • Remember the ol’ RPing standby that the character is not the player. Guys. Guys, please, I really…don’t think I should have to say this, but. If a character insults your character, it is not a personal assault.
  • Don’t expect villains to be all soft and mellow??? I dunno, depending on the antagonist, you really. Won’t really have a good chance at a fair fight since. They are. In canon. REALLY STRONG.
  • You need to extend yourself a bit more in RPs if you want to be included. Standing to the side won’t guarantee that people will come over and pay attention to you.

Just…just some things that I wanted to point out. I need to work on a few of them as well, sob! :’D But!! It seems like a good idea to just. Write them down.)

Giegue x Porky holy crap I cannot stand this

(*holds your face* You understand.)

Giegue x being happy

(Nooooo, no, I really wish. That he could be happy. I really, really want it. Why this, Giegue, why?)


(This is my brOTP, not a good OTP, so!! :Dbb )

NOTP ? what that ?

(A ship that you really, really don’t like. It’s “No” combined with “OTP” )

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