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what about Elmadan x the Pink tie mook know as ambrosios . when elmadan no longer busy ,

(omfg, Abrosios is a kid, isn’t he? Elmadan is 26. ovoa Bit of an age difference there for shipping anything. ….Though, I wonder if Rosie has one of those little kid crushes on Danny. You never know!)


(I dare you to spot differences between Marie and Googi. Not counting the bow.)

(All right, you want me to point out a few things. BI *hands on hips*

This is entirely using my own personal Giegue because that is. The one I know the best.

There was no point in Marie’s childhood that was happy. She was not given that weakness of human emotions right off the bat. She did end up finding it, though, when she met her siblings. And Formed a bond with them. She learned how to love because of them while Giegue learned to love because of his parents. They are both different flavors of the same thing, but, it gives Giegue a more solid foundation than Marie, who was the primary force bringing love to her relationship with her siblings. 

Marie also turned against those who controlled her. Giegue always tried to smooth things over and make them proud, ever after what happened to his family and his life. Marie couldn’t handle that. She fled. She doesn’t have as good of a grip on her powers because nobody ever really took the time to show her what she was capable of or teach her to figure that out for herself. This led her to be even more distressed and confused and at a loss for what to do.

She really didn’t have any directives in life, she was just an experiment who wasn’t given a purpose.

Giegue was also an experiment, but, because he had George and Maria for a while, he had a better grasp on things and his powers and just. Kept being given more tests, which Marie ollied out of doing by breaking out. 

We’ve got the fact that Giegue was on good terms with most people he met and everyone on his ship at first, while Marie’s past experiences made her too skittish. She has soldiers who care about her, but she can’t bring herself to trust them. Giegue had a lot of faith in everyone, especially his higher officers. That’s why the ghosts were made as opposed to scrapping the broken soldiers and making new blues.

I can keep going on, but, Risu. Risu, please. There are a ton of differences. You shouldn’t push yourself down and try to convince yourself you’re no good at characters, because, I’ve told you a ton. You are good at this. You are really good. Your characters are all really compelling and believable and you handle them really well. )

asktheapplechasers said:WORK RELEASE THE MEG >8I


(shoot, she still remembers my old one sided ship, abort missi- FRICK, AND THE SPACE AMBASSADOR MENTION, SEND HELP. )


baropin said: Why must you break my heart with things like a “prep” tag talking about character deaths when I love all your characters so much?

askthedragontwins said: ((Sounds like someone’s gonna die today.))

askthepigmaskpastry said: WAIT PREP EXCUSE

(How can anyone truly die if they live on in our hearts? -M)

(The beautiful thing about these characters is, even if someone dies, you can just go through their tag and pretend they’re still alive and ok. It’ll be just like the good ol’ days. -M)

☑ Saraaaalll

Ohhh man, a fact about Saral? He’s gotten really good at taking all his feelings and shoving them down and ignoring them as much as possible, but he’s still one of my most messed up characters. If you ask him to draw a picture of himself, he’ll draw a freak because that’s how he sees himself. And he is fine with that.

⋆ ☒ ☑- Character being Ralit,

Ship with my Character - Lobbed me one right over home plate, sob!! Ralit x Vivek is a thing. Ralit’s the reasons Vivek is alive and on this blog. I- …I like this ship a whole lot and they have a really interesting dynamic that I am very intrigued by.

A fact about meeee? I owned guppies once and now I’m not allowed to be responsible for the lives of others because things got out of hand really fast.

A fact about Ralit, I. Used to be convinced there was something going on between Ralit and Malars, like, legit. I kept waiting for something to happen and it never did. Because Malars is too good for any of his weirdo friends. He is official team mom, taking care of these losers and standing up for them.

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